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Veneration without Understanding

(Does Rizal deserve to be our national hero?) By Renato Constantino In the histories of many nations, the national revolution represents a peak of achievement to which the minds of man return time and again in reverence and for a renewal of faith in freedom. For the national revolution is invariably the one period in 

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NOTEBOOK: We still don’t get it on Independence Day events

MY COLUMN this issue will be brief because I want to give space and emphasis to the story on this same page about Filipino youth in Vancouver making important steps to learn the history of their people. When I read this story I felt ashamed that we Filipinos in Toronto continue to celebrate the 1898 

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‘There’s no illegal takeover of Silayan’

Nabus’s Reply to the Open Letter Mr. Hermie Garcia Editor & Publisher The Philippine Reporter Dear Hermie, Thank you for allowing us the space to print our response to the letter written by Rose Tijam and others challenging the validity of the May 21st special general meeting of Silayan Community Centre, and the consequent election 

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NOTEBOOK: Rally for Jeffrey: What it means

THE SATURDAY (May 21) rally to demand justice for the fatal shooting of Jeffrey Reodica by a Toronto police officer one year ago is profoundly significant to our community. For one, it means that we have leaders and individuals, groups and organizations in the community who would not easily let go of a very important 

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IMMIGRATION: Time to turn on the immigration tap

Canadian business often laments at the very shallow pool of skilled labour. With an aging population, the baby boomers nearing retirement and a shortage of young people who want to enter into some occupations employers’ cries will be getting louder and louder. Statistics have shown that retirees outpace the workforce. That is the number of 

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NOTEBOOK: Desperate times

OUR page one this issue is screaming with a banner story and plastered with photos of either people protesting killings or those who had died by political assassination. I personally agonized over the decision of making this issue look like a statement of protest against the current political killings in the Philippines. There are numerous 

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Whose thinking should be changed — ours or theirs?

Reply to Dr. Philip Kelly Congratulations for a very informative and scholarly publication. I enjoyed reading every column of your last issue (March 1-15, 2005). Anent Dr. Philip Kelly’s erudite article, Class Struggle: Filipino Immigrants and the Quest for Identity, please allow me to offer my two-cent’s worth of opinion: I fully agree with his 

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Absence of equal opportunity: Do we have a chance?

Dear Professor Kelly, Your article “Class Struggle: Filipino Immigrants and the Quest for Identity” provoked me. I appreciate your interest in obtaining a response from a Filipino like me as to how I interpret the concept of my de-skilled or de-professionalized status in the Canadian society. I would further say that you want Filipinos like 

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NOTEBOOK: Some hot stories we covered since 1989; The Reporter turns sweet 16

IT’S BEEN A LONG JOURNEY since March 1989 when The Philippine Reporter started publishing as a twice- monthly community newspaper. At that time there were only four papers serving the Filipino community in Toronto, the Reporter being the fourth. Now, 16 years later, there are a dozen of them, giving the impression to readers that 

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Parents: Canada’s cornerstone starts to stress

Canadian Immigration Views By Berto Volpentesta It is no coincidence that as we consider the significance of Remembrance Day we bring to mind a variety of images of those who have gone before us to ensure that we could all live a life that all humans deserve. Similarly no coincidence, our minds may go to 

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