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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Restoring the long-form census will save money, boost the economy and improve our quality of life

Dear editor, Eliminating the long form census was a costly mistake and it’s high time Parliament fix it and restore it by passing Bill C-626. In 2011, Stephen Harper replaced the traditional long form census with a voluntary survey that cost taxpayers more—$22 million more—and produced inferior data. Its numbers were unusable for 25% of 

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A Filipino atheist’s letter to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis, As someone who does not believe in the existence of a god, some people might assume that your visit to the Philippines would not matter very much to me. Maybe, to some, it would be just like me walking past a church on a Sunday, bearing momentary witness to the rituals and 

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Memorial to Angeles J. Aureus: Remembering Lola

Extraordinary Mother, Grandmother By Leon B. Aureus (Actor, playwright, director and current Artistic Producer of Carlos Bulosan Theatre – Canada’s longest serving Filipino-Canadian theatre company) Boston Crème donut. As a young boy, when I first bit into my first Boston crème donut, I wondered if the creamy centre should have a slightly greenish tinge and 

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Mama, Grandma, Lola with her brood of three generations

Stubborn for love Proud for family

By David Briscoe For those of you who don’t know me, I am David Chesley Briscoe Jr., who along with Jess Villanueva, was the very first to be brought into this magnificent lady’s family, four decades ago. I speak now in her honor and memory for all of us who have become Aureuses, for those 

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MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan

Statement by MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan On Pakistan school attack

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Pakistan and the Pakistani community here in Scarborough and in Canada. Yesterday’s horrific attack on a school in Peshawar, Pakistan reportedly killed 132 innocent children and students, nine staff members and wounded hundreds. We are deeply saddened by this loss of so many young lives and 

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MP Joyce Murray

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fire Fantino for his shameful treatment of Canada’s veterans

Dear Editor, It is now abundantly clear that the care provided to our veterans, who stood ready to give their all for our country, has been shameful under Minister Julian Fantino. The Conservative government claims its cuts to the Veterans Affairs Department were to the “back office” and did not affect front line services. Yet 

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CBC's Marivel Taruc

‘The truth must always guide us whether we agree with it or not’

By Marivel Taruc To my colleagues, the Philippine Press Club of Ontario, Magandang gabi po, sa inyong lahat. I am honoured to have been chosen to give this evening’s keynote address about journalism. To belong to a group of dedicated and accomplished journalists, writers, broadcasters from my own community humbles me. To see a number 

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POOLED EDITORIAL: Five years after the Ampatuan Massacre, Aquino must be held accountabl

Five years after the massacre of 58 men and women including 32 journalists in Ampatuan town in Maguindanao, justice remains elusive and impunity still reigns. The promise of President Benigno Aquino III to help speedily resolve the case that has put the Philippines in the limelight as one of the most dangerous places for journalists 

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‘Our land is being denied us’

BINNADANG THIRD ANNIVERSARY IN TORONTO (Speech of Dr. Chandu Claver, Chairperson, NOC, BAYAN-Canada, Toronto, 16 November 2014) “Naimbag nga rabii tay amin”. Good evening. I am happy to have the chance to be with you tonight on your Anniversary celebration. One of my tasks in my other role as International Spokesperson of the Cordillera Peoples’ 

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Income-splitting won’t help 85% of Canadian households

Dear Editor,
 The federal Conservative government will forgo a surplus this year and instead borrow money to pay for income-splitting and other new tax measures, according to its own fall economic update.
 In the last two months the Conservatives announced more than $3 billion in tax changes for this year, including an expensive income-splitting scheme. 

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