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President Rodrigo Duterte: A new era?

Reflecting on Italy’s transmogrification during the opening decades of the early-20th century, Antonio Gramsci lamented how the “old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born.” It was not until the middle of the 20th century that Italy began to reconstitute its foundations and embark on an economic miracle (Perry Anderson 2014). 

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Judy Taguiwalo, center, with fellow alumni awardees

Elitist, commercialized and less caring university

University of the Philippines By Dr. Judy Taguiwalo Former Faculty Regent University of the Philippines Diliman I graduated from UP with my BSSW degree in October 1970 (I had an incomplete in my Field Work as I spent too many hours attending rallies during the FQS and so fell short of the required hours for 

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Duterte’s socialist experiment

By Bobby M. Tuazon A coalition government with the Communist Party of the Philippines has been proposed by presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte with an offer of at least four Cabinet portfolios—agrarian reform, social welfare, environment and natural resources, and labor. Thanking his former student for the “magnanimous offer,” exiled CPP founding chair Jose Maria Sison 

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Garry Martinez

Open letter to Pres. Duterte: The change OFWs want to see

Dear President Duterte, We congratulate you on your overwhelming victory in the May 2016 polls. The Filipino people have spoken, and they chose change. You sweeping victory is testament to how Filipinos, wherever we are in the world, thirst for a new leadership that is not corrupt and cacique. We want a new government that 

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Toronto Opinion Survey on Duterte

The Philippine Reporter conducted a quick opinion survey about the recent results of the Philippine presidential election. Questions: 1. What should winning presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte do (policy actions, like poverty reduction, reduce crime, jail corrupt officials, environment protection, peace talks with rebels, etc.) as President in his first 100 days? 2.  What should Filipinos 

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It’s not Duterte, it’s the Herd

By Voltaire de Leon We all feel it. There is something wrong in the body politic that is the Philippine electorate. I felt in during the forum with Loida Nicholas Lewis who came to Toronto and Mississauga to speak on Good Government. Rather than lecturing at an abstract level of “how anti- corruption values can 

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Christian Joy Brosas for infographic with research 
by Jamaine Punzalan, ABS-CBN News

Laughing at a daughter’s rape

By Inday Espina-Varona “She can’t be raped; she carries a gun.”–Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, joking about his daughter coming out as a rape victim. It takes a lot of courage for women to come out as rape victims. Sara Duterte, facing backlash over her father’s “joke” about an Australian missionary raped and killed during a 

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Bigas not Bala

Food, not bullets!

Statement of Philippine Task Force for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights on the Kidapawan Massacre On March 30, 2016, around 5000 farmers occupied the streets of Kidapawan City in Cotabato to demand emergency food aid and seeds of drought-resistant crops from the government. Without an immediate response from the local government of Kidapawan, the province of Cotabato 

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Ancient Philippine Creation Myth: “There is a huge bird that splits a giant bamboo, and Malakas and Maganda emerge from the halves.” During martial law, Marcos became Malakas and Imelda, Maganda.

MALAKAS AT MAGANDA: The Marcos reign, myth-making and deception in history

Matakot sa kasaysayan pagkat walang lihim itong di nahahayag. (Fear history for it respects no secrets.) – Gregoria de Jesus, Lakambini ng Katipunan The darkness of dictatorship descended upon the Philippines when Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law in 1972 and the dictator ruled the nation with impunity. Great danger now lurks behind a deceptive 

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‘This is not mercy but cruelty’

Bishop Broderick Pabillo on the Kidapawan Shooting I join my voice in protesting the shooting and the violent dispersal of the protesting farmers in Kidapawan. This is not the way to react to the grievances of the farmers that the government was not able to address in the first place. The El Niño is not 

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