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Celebrating collective diversity on Canada Day

By Justin Trudeau This year on Canada Day I attended a citizenship ceremony in Toronto where many new Canadians swore allegiance to their new country. Watching the ceremony, I was reminded that Canada’s new citizens have been central to our success and story. I was reminded of one of our earliest Prime Ministers, Sir Wilfred 

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To Obama and Aquino, image is everything, and all that is left

By Benjie Oliveros Bulatlat.com International alternative news websites are populated by feature stories about whistleblowers exposing irregularities in the US government, most especially among the intelligence agencies. The latest whistleblower to come out in the open and be persecuted for it is Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant of the CIA and employee of a 

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By Rathika Sitsabaiesan

At CBC, journalistic independence at stake

By Rathika Sitsabaiesan Over the last few weeks, my office has been inundated with emails from concerned constituents regarding the proposed changes to the government’s ability to dictate employment terms for all employees at the CBC. These changes, brought forth in the latest Conservative Omnibus Budget Bill, threaten the independence of the CBC and its 

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GRACELAND: Moral borders vanish in Pinoy thriller

MOVIE REVIEW: By Beatrice S. Paez “Graceland” is a high-octane thriller that shows the great lengths a father will take for his family. Three fathers face the unthinkable: their daughters fall prey to unscrupulous men willing to exploit them at whatever cost. Surprising twists abound in a film that drew inspiration from headline-grabbing kidnapping incidents 

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On the Matter of Senator Enverga

By Voltaire de Leon   A Canadian senator Patrick Brazeau had four years to either prove he is fit to be senator or that he is a lout. In the Toronto Star this morning, we were treated with the spectacle of this senator   flaming out,  sitting in prison for alleged domestic disturbance. He also made 

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Flaherty is raising your taxes

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor, Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty likes to boast that “we will not raise taxes.” There’s only one problem: that claim is not remotely true. His federal budget increases tariffs on everyday items imported from dozens of countries. These rising tariffs are a hidden tax on everything, from clothing and 

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Is it really cutting a backlog?

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear editor, There is more than meets the eye to the Conservative Government’s boastful claim about cutting the immigration backlog. In fact, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney reduced the backlog by freezing programs, returning applications, and not accepting new ones. Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration always forgets to mention his real 

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Iskolars ng Bayan nearing extinction

The news that a University of the Philippines – Manila student took her own life after she was forced to take a leave of absence because of her failure to pay the tuition at the state university is very shocking. The 16-year old freshman of Behavioral Science was, according to an interaksyon.com report – which 

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18 of the best women journalists in one exhibit

MANILA — The Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings gathers 18 of the best women journalists in the country in one exhibit that showcases their best works throughout the years. In celebration of the 18th Paz Marquez Benitez Memorial Lecture/Exhibit, the best 18 journalists of our times will be featured in an exhibit on Feb 21 

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Philippine senators stand in prayer before voting in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona in Manila

Manong Johnny and Gigi

The heart of the issue over the big, nasty fight in the Senate is about accountability in the use of public funds. Underneath the painful, though admittedly, entertaining exchanges and theatrics is the fact that the senators easily get away with millions in

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