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Jobs crisis intensifying under Duterte — IBON

Research group IBON said that despite recently hyped growth of 6.8% in first quarter 2018 the country’s jobs situation continues to worsen under the Duterte administration. The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that the employment rate grew slightly to 94.5% in April 2018, while the unemployment rate was lower at 5.5 percent. The jobs situation 

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Will Duterte go to hell or heaven?

Duterte’s Damnation and Lincoln’s Redemption The 16th President of a religious nation not being religious? It’s just another similarity between Rodrigo Duterte and his hero Abraham Lincoln, both 16th Presidents of their respective republics.  But, though the question remains hotly contested by historians to this very day, there is ample evidence that suggests Lincoln, who 

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8,000 suspects nabbed, many detained in overcrowded jails

Philippines: Anti-loitering’ arrests target poor MANILA–The Philippine National Police (PNP) should immediately end a “crime prevention” campaign that has disproportionately targeted “loiterers” in low-income areas of Manila and other cities, Human Rights Watch said on June 26. Since June 13, 2018, police have arrested more than 8,000 people and detained many in detention facilities already 

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‘Endo’ kings not in DOLE list are Duterte’s friends

What could possibly explain the exclusion of these giant conglomerates – two of the biggest not only in the Philippines but also in the Asian region? By ARNOLD PADILLA Bulatlat.com MANILA — The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has recently released a list of 20 firms that it said are engaged or suspected to 

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Araw ng Huwad na Kalayaan

Lilipas na naman ang taunang paggunita ng Araw ng Kalayaan tuwing Hunyo 12. Anang itinuturo sa mga bata mula elementarya, nagdeklara ang Pilipinas ang kanyang kalayaan noong araw na iyon sa taong 1898 sa Cavite El Viejo (ngayo’y Kawit, Cavite) sa bintana ng kanyang tahanan ang binansagang unang pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas na si 

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From one invader to another (Excerpt from History of the Filipino People – Challenges and Responses to Nationhood)

On June 12, 1898, Philippine independence was declared in a ceremony in Kawit, Cavite. For the first time, the national flag made by Marcela Agoncillo in Hongkong was raised, while the bands played Marcha National Filipina written by Julian Felipe. Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista wrote and read the Declaration of Independence. Aguinaldo announced the separation of 

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Duterte threatens summary execution of drug suspects. Again.

Human Rights Watch Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has issued a fresh reminder as to why his murderous “drug war” has earned United Nations and International Criminal Court scrutiny. Duterte issued a televised death threat against detained drug suspects in Cebu province last week. “You know if I were you guys in Cebu, stay in jail. You want to live longer? Stay 

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Nanay Julita

Pain, frustration, desperate desire for justice

FILM REVIEW: Call Her Ganda at Hot Docs By Althea Manasan The Philippine Reporter In 2014, a transgender Filipina woman was found brutally murdered in a motel room in Olongapo City. Weeks later, when a U.S. Marine stationed in the port city is accused of the crime, the case is thrust into the international spotlight, 

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Speak Truth to Power, Keep Power in Check

POOLED EDITORIAL RODRIGO R. Duterte’s presidency has altered and controlled the public discourse so radically in its favor in ways rude and bold. One tragic result: it has restricted and narrowed the celebrated freedom of the Philippine press and the people’s cherished right to know. In his first 22 months in power, Mr. Duterte has 

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Over a million more underemployed, part-time workers under Duterte

The number of Filipino workers relegated to insecure and low-paying jobs have grown under the Duterte administration, said research group IBON. Latest official labor force data shows a higher number of employed under Pres. Duterte. The number of employed increased to 41.8 million in January 2018 from 39.3 million in the same period last year, 

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