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TRAIN Package 1A: From the poor to the rich

Econ slowdown due to failed govt policies, may be sign of worse to come–IBON

IBON.org Research group IBON said that the government should take the economy’s 3rd quarter growth slowdown as showing what needs to be improved in its economic policies instead of being dismissive about it. Its flagship Build, Build, Build will only be a short-term boost to the economy at best and direct measures to strengthen domestic 

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Philippines in a Happy and Healthy Relationship with China?

By Sonny Africa IBON.org IBON Features – Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recently concluded state visit was hyped as historic and relationship-altering in a good way towards “comprehensive, strategic cooperation”. The joint statement released at the end spoke of a couple with a healthy relationship: reminiscing the past, establishing trust, open communication, arguing in a healthy 

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Stop the attacks on lawyers

International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) Statement WHEREAS, it has come to our attention that 35 members of the legal profession have been killed in the Philippines since Mr. Rodrigo Duterte became President 29 months ago; WHEREAS, 4 of those killed are judges, 9 are public prosecutors, and 22 are lawyers; WHEREAS, the killings of 

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Ways to survive exam time

Dear Kuya Allos Naku, it’s exam time and I’m having trouble concentrating. I still have essays that are overdue and three exams! I think I lost track of time because for a month or so there was not many assignment and then all the deadlines just came up! I am doubting my decision to go 

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GABRIELA Ontario supports #FilipinasSpeakOut, stands by Rachelle Cruz

GABRIELA Ontario stands with Toronto-based reporter and TV show host, Rachelle Cruz, in her campaign Filipinas Speak Out (#FilipinasSpeakOut), which aims to raise awareness on sexual violence and empower survivors to speak up and seek help. We also commend her courage in deciding to write her story and use it to uplift others. Sexual assault, 

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Beware of onerous China ODA – IBON

In its eagerness to raise billions of pesos in funds for its hyped infrastructure program, the Duterte administration is brokering questionable deals with China that could threaten Philippine sovereignty. Research group IBON raised the warning in anticipation of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to the Philippines. IBON said that a number of agreements between 

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False Choices on the Basis of Simpleton Arguments

NDFP on Philippine-China Relations Statement by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, NDFP Chief Political Consultant, November 22, 2018 The tyrant Duterte and his followers keep on dumbing down the Filipino people. To have their way on major issues, they always put forward false choices on the basis of simpleton arguments that are grossly contrary to facts. 

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Journalists are brave, our people are brave

By Inday Espina-Varona (Speech delivered on Nov. 8, 2018) It’s official. I received the RSF Prize for Independence tonight in London. Pascal Guimier of @TV5MONDE presented the prize. #RSFAwards2018 Here’s my brief speech: Thank you, Reporters Without Borders for this honor. I share this with embattled Philippine colleagues: the 185 killed since the 1986 restoration 

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The Death of a Lawyer and The Responsibility of the Intellectual

By Carlo Rey Lacsamana ManilaToday.net The death of human rights lawyer Benjamin “Ben” Ramos Jr. last November 6 depicts the level of barbarity Philippine politics has sunk into and the staggering sense of inevitability of the consequences for the socially conscious Filipino intellectual. One is hardly surprised at the fate of Ben Ramos Jr. a 

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Atty. Benjamin Ramos, 56 years old, was Secretary General of the Negros Chapter of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL). He represented the Mabinay 6 and the victims of the Sagay massacre.

Atty. Ben was a giant in our midst

Statement by Public Interest Law Center (PILC) As Atty. Benjamin T. Ramos is laid to rest today, the Public Interest Law Center (PILC) joins all those he left behind in grief and remembrance. We remember Atty. Ben, our co-counsel in cases of political prisoners, as a jolly fellow who enjoyed good-natured ribbing as well as 

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