Duterte to sign EO ​on new ​Bangsamoro Transition Commission

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte will be signing the executive order on Monday, Nov. 7 reconstituting the Bangsamoro Transition Commission tasked to draft the enabling law that will result to a Bangsamoro government if approved by Congress. The draft of a new enabling law will replace the failed Bangsamoro Basic Law. submitted to 

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Neoliberal economics continues, but nationalist change still possible

On the Duterte admininstration’s economic direction in its first 100 days: There is still much to be done for the Duterte administration to overcome the Philippine government’s stubborn adherence to old and discredited anti-Filipino neoliberalism. This overrides and is inconsistent with Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s otherwise pro-poor and pro-Filipino pronouncements. This is also notwithstanding the welcome 

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Ako si Virgilio V.  Vitug

Mga kababayan, ako si Virgilio V. Vitug Nakasulat ng ilang tula sa isang panahon Ang maglaladlad sa inyo ngayon Ng aking pinakahuling obra: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy  dog near the stream. The quick brown fox  jumped over the lazy dog near the stream. Ngayong natunghayan na ninyo Ang bunga ng aking 

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S&P is overrated, says Duterte ally

Days after President Rodrigo Duterte said he does not care about Standard and Poor’s Financial Services LLC’s (S&P’s) assessment of his administration’s initial performance, a member of the Philippine Congress described the global credit rating agency as “somewhat overrated.” “While S&P to a certain degree helps fund managers rationalize and feel good about their investments, 

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DOH urged: Heed Cuba lessons, boost public health

Research group IBON said that Filipinos will benefit if the government adopts Cuba’s model of a state-run health care system. The group stressed that people’s access to this social service is becoming more limited by Philippine health services being increasingly run by the private sector for profit. Department of Health (DOH) officials recently toured Cuba, 

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The growing gap between the rich and the poor is best illustrated in this photograph showing the midrise buildings and skyscrapers of the Makati Central Business District 
overlooking the shanties 
of Barangay San Roque 
Riverside in Pasay City. 
RAFFY LERMA/ File photo from Inquirer.net

DOF tax reforms relieve rich while burdening poor — IBON

RESEARCH group IBON said that the Department of Finance’s (DOF) proposed tax reform program relieves the rich and burdens the poor. The group said that this will worsen inequality in the country and should be replaced by a tax program that taxes the rich instead and is backed with the required political will. The DOF 

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Arte Botanica: ‘Piging’ as homage and thanksgiving

By Ed Maranan MANILA—During this year’s celebration of International Earth Day, an art exhibit entitled Arte Botanica: ‘Piging’ opened in Quezon City, and ran for several months. It was an art show one could visit again and again, a veritable feast (piging) of works paying homage to Nature, and in thanksgiving for the bounty that 

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Duterte reminds US of Bud Dajo massacre

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte was referring to the killing of 600 Moro people by American soldiers in 1906 when he said Monday, September 5, that the United States has not even apologized to the Philippines for its atrocities during the turn of the century. Duterte spewed out a tirade of historical extra-judicial killings when asked by 

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Bato-bato sa langit

Bato-bato sa langit, tamaan ay huwag magagalit. Nabastusan po ba kayo sa aming Pangulo? Pasensiya na po at nakapagmura. Posibleng: 1. Hindi naturuan ng good manners and right conduct ng mga Thomasites na padala ng Amerika. Hindi nasakop ng colonial miseducation, ika nga ni Constantino. 2. Masama ang gising. Baka binangunot dahil minulto ng isang 

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Silang Mga Gasera Sa Madilim Na Silangan by Rene Boy Abiva

Art as Resistance in Political Prisons

By Ed Maranan Some of the country’s best and brightest have been behind bars for many years. In the Philippines, they are called political detainees or political prisoners. Peter Benenson, who founded Amnesty International in the UK in 1961, popularized the term “prisoners of conscience”, which is still widely used. Under the Marcos martial law 

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