Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

Caroling is a part of the Filipino Christmas tradition. Once the Dawn Mass known as “Misa de Gallo” or “Simbang Gabi “ starts, carolers will be on their feet singing Christmas carols from house to house spreading the spirit of the season through songs. Children like to form groups and enjoy hopping from one house 

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Christmas: A National Fiesta

The Philippines is known as the “Land of Fiestas,” and at Christmas time, this is especially true. Filipinos are proud to proclaim their Christmas celebration to be the longest and merriest in the world. It begins formally on December 16 with attendance at the first of nine pre-dawn or early morning masses and continues on 

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INTERVIEW: On the elections and a life of activism

(Exclusive Interview with Dr. Carol P. Araullo) These are quotations taken from a one-on-one interview with Dr. Carol Pagaduan Araullo, chairperson of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan or BAYAN (New Patriotic Alliance), global vice chair for internal affairs of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), and head of other prominent social activist groups in the Philippines. 

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Two Accomplished Women and Their Advocacies

Angel Locsin, Advocate for Women and Environment She was voted the most beautiful Filipina of 2009. Her face adorns the billboards along Edsa. She has huge presence in both television and radio with her shows and advertisements. She has bagged various recognitions and awards for her performances. (Read story…)

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The Courage and Commitment of Judy Taguiwalo

Online and in the streets, Judy Taguiwalo is an inspiration to a new generation of Filipino activists, particularly women activists. Her world view is shaped by our nation’s history — a history that not too many Filipinos had the courage to confront nor the opportunity or inclination to take part in. She insists on correcting 

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‘Dukot’: Courageous Movie Tackles Worsening Rights Abuses in Philippines

Dukot’s fearlessness emanates from its depiction of the truth about the worsening human-rights situation in the Philippines today. As Bonifacio Ilagan, the scriptwriter, put it: “It minces no words in pointing out the real perpetrators” of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings. (Read story…)

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Aurelio Tolentino and His Play Kahapon, Ngayon, at Bukas

Not all Filipinos are aware of the historical importance of May 14. On May 14, 1903, Aurelio Tolentino (October 13, 1867-July 3, 1915), a Pampango playwright, poet, essayist, educator, novelist and public servant was arrested because of his play, Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas (Larawan ng Inang Bayan). (Read story…)

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Father of the Philippine Revolution: Andres Bonifacio

In commemoration of the 111th anniversary of the 1898 declaration of Philippine Independence Andres Bonifacio was born on November 30, 1863 to Santiago Bonifacio and Catalina de Castro. Orphaned at an early age, the siblings made canes and paper fans to meet their necessities. He also made posters for commercial firms as he had a 

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Spending Mother’s Day 7,000 Miles Away

During Mother’s Day on May 10, there are mothers 7,000 miles away in Canada working as caregivers in the hope that they would be able to reunite with their children soon and be able to provide a better future for them. But their dreams remain unfulfilled and they have been trying to cope with the 

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Berting Labra springs to freedom

(Following are excerpts from an article published in the Observer magazine in Feb. 1982 after Berting Labra’s release from prison.) Home at last after 12 long years, Berting Labra is again in command of his life. Having been imprisoned in the New Bilibid Prison, Muntinlupa, since 1969 and after gaining freedom through an acquittal of 

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