Popular cartoonist Manix Abrera (Photo by M.Santiago/Manila Today)

Ph, EU cartoonists find humor despite violence, life risks, censorship

MANILA – A drawing can cost you your job, or worse, your life. For cartoonists in the Philippines, defying censorship by publishers means getting kicked out of work, while for those in Europe, being “censored” by outraged readers could mean a deadly attack such as the massacre in the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris early 

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Increase in jobs with poor quality work alarming — IBON

605,000 worked less than 20 hours and 108,000 who were classified ‘with a job but not at work’ The Aquino government should pay attention to the nature of jobs created in 2014, as these are largely comprised of part-time work, research group IBON said. The number of employed Filipinos increased by 1.02 million last year, 

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Fr. Joyohoy (Photo by J. Ellao / Bulatlat.com)

‘To live simply’

A tale of 3 Aglipayan priests By JANESS ANN J. ELLAO MANILA — The Lenten season is a time of solemn spiritual journey, but journeying through this holy season needs more than practice of piety and penance. The Church observes this season through prayers and fasting, and the practice of charity, a witness to Christ’s 

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Economy not going strong as government claims

The country’s decelerating growth highlights how the recent episode of relatively rapid growth is artificial and unsustainable Research group IBON debunked Malacanang’s claim that the economy is going strong amid calls for Pres. Aquino’s ouster. On the contrary, the slowing growth in 2014 debunks the much-hyped economic miracle and weakens the administration even on the 

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4 money mistakes couples shouldn’t make on Valentine’s Day

MANILA, Philippines – Valentine’s Day is a double-edged sword. The occasion has the power to make you happy (and relieved) that you’re with someone special. It can also make you feel disappointed that you are alone. If you’re in an unsatisfying relationship, that can also become painfully apparent during the season. The season can also 

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Why Valentine’s Day is good for your health

MANILA, Philippines – There’s more to Valentine’s Day than dinner dates, roses, Valentine cards, traffic jams, and a possible hole in your pocket. Read on and you might just find yourself celebrating this day of hearts with more enthusiasm. (Read story…)

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10 work resolutions for your career in 2015

What will 2015 be for you? Is it going to be your year of ruthless execution? The year that you will move out to seek greener pastures? The year that you will finally get promoted? 1. Get to work earlier. Do you notice that many CEOs and leaders are the earliest to arrive in the 

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Mabini: 150 Years Hence

Mabini: A Century After His Passing (Reprinted from Bulatlat, Vol 3, No 14, May 11-17, 2003) May 13, 2003 marks the 100th death anniversary of Apolinario Mabini, known to Filipinos as “The Sublime Paralytic” and “The Brains of the Revolution.” He was a brilliant thinker who used his pen in the service of the Filipino 

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Tagalog / Pinoy Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines

February is the Love Month, the time to celebrate the Valentine’s Day and celebrating with your special someone.  Some are searching for a partner and someone to date with, but before going anywhere or celebrate it, dont forget to bring this Tagalog / Pinoy Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines for your special someone.  Here’s a 

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Corny Tagalog Pinoy Pick Up Lines

Some Pinoy Pick Up Lines are sweet and a big hit, some are crazy one, but this collection of pick up lines is unique coz it’s a quite “corny”.  Check out this collection of Corny Tagalog / Pinoy Pick Up Lines on the web. If you have your own favorite  Pinoy Corny Pick Up Lines, we would love 

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