’Kubrador’ – Complex life of jueteng world

Production Company : MLR Films Executive Producer: Josabeth V. Alonso Producer: Rogelio I. Rayala Director: Jeffrey Jeturian Screenplay: Ralston Jover Cinematographer: Roberto Yniquez Editor: Jay Halili Production Designer: Leo Abaya Sound: Ditoy Aguila Music: Jerrold Jarog Principal Cast: Gina Pareño, Fonz Deza, Nico Antonio, Ran Del Rosario, Johnny Manahan, Nanding Josef Amy (Gina Pareño) paces 

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Mass arrest of undocumented immigrants in U.S. looms

By Nicanor Segovia SAN FRANCISCO, California–A House bill that aims to criminalize undocumented immigrants in the United States has sent a chilling effect on Filipino-American communities along with other ethnic groups. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), led by Bishop Gerald Barnes, chair of its Migration and Refugee Services (MRS), has itself warned in 

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Victor Wong statement

Dear President Macapagal-Arroyo: I am writing to express my condemnation of your declaration of a state of “national emergency” in the Philippines on Friday February 24th. This shocking action announced as the Filipino people commemorate the 20th anniversary of EDSA 1, the 20th anniversary of the end of the Marcos dictatorship, is truly remarkable for 

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A Petition for Press Freedom

Proposed amendment to Bill of Rights: A menace to Philippine democracy We, the undersigned journalists and media organizations, oppose the move to amend the Bill of Rights of the Philippine Constitution and condemn government efforts to curtail the democratic space. The Malacanang-appointed Constitutional Commission has proposed amending Section 4 of the Philippine Constitution’s Bill of 

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The Ugly Canadian; Globalizing Philippine Mining

(Last of a 3-part series of articles that first appeared in The Philippine News Today published in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) By Ted Alcuitas Barrick Gold’s takeover of Placer Dome Inc., which will be finalized on Jan. 19, 2006, has thrown a monkey wrench to the civil suit filed in Nevada by the Province of 

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The Ugly Canadian

Special Report on the Mining Industry in the Philippines (First two of a 3-part series of articles that first appeared in The Philippine News Today published in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) By Ted Alcuitas (It has been close to 40 years since Placer Dome first signed a deal with President Ferdinand Marcos to open Marcopper 

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Violence Still Increasing: 63 Journalists Killed, More Than 1,300 Physically Attacked or Threatened

World Press Freedom in 2005, the deadliest year for a decade In 2005: • 63 journalists and 5 media assistants were killed • at least 807 journalists were arrested • 1,308 physically attacked or threatened • and 1,006 media outlets censored On 1 January 2006, 126 journalists and 70 cyber-dissidents were in jail around the 

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‘Posible’ inspires Pinoys

The country’s triumphant performance at the 23rd Southeast Asian Games served as a timely reminder to Filipinos that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. A message of hope and encouragement spread like wildfire across a cheering nation: “Taglay mo ang dugong bayani. Sulong, laban, ‘wag uurong. Pakinggan sa ‘yong puso ang sigaw na 

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Pinoy martial artist trains Charlize Theron

LOS ANGELES–A “ 27 year old Filipino American, Xingu, trains Charlize Theron for film, “Aeon Flux.” Xingu is an instructor/professor of capoeira, a Brazilian martial art form whose music, dance, and acrobatic components separate it from all other traditional martial arts. Xingu had the opportunity to train Theron as she personally wanted to learn capoeira 

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Burying People Power

By Center for People Empowerment in Governance Constitutional amendments via a Constituent Assembly are likely to take place despite Senate resistance. When this happens it will finally put an end to the progressive legacies of EDSA 1 as these are contained in its most outstanding achievement, the 1987 Constitution. Although EDSA 1 as an expression 

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