Filipinos and the Chinese Head Tax

By Ted Alciutas A background: From 1885 to 1923, more than 82,000 Chinese immigrants to Canada paid an estimated $23-million to the government. Each paid an average of $100 – $500 to be allowed to come to the country. The result: Families were separated for years because they could not afford to pay the tax. 

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The Falsehood Commission

By the Center for People Empowerment in Governance THE ARROYO government, as Archbishop Oscar Cruz so aptly describes it, is without values, morals and principles, and one of the values it least respects is truth. The bribery and harassment of witnesses implicating Mrs. Arroyo and her family in the jueteng pay-offs scandal and in electoral 

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Demonyong Banyaga at si JR

Ni Soliman I. Urduja Sa Timpalak Walang Utak. Host: Sino ang pambansang bayani ng Pilipinas? Contestant: Wala bang clue? Host: Ang mga unang titik ng kanyang pangalan ay JR. Contestant: (Mabilis pa sa alas kuwatro) Jeric Raval! Host: Hindi! Isa siyang doktor. Contestant: (‘Sing talas ng kidlat) Dr. Jeric Raval! Host: Hindi! Matagal na siyang 

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