4 money mistakes couples shouldn’t make on Valentine’s Day

MANILA, Philippines – Valentine’s Day is a double-edged sword. The occasion has the power to make you happy (and relieved) that you’re with someone special. It can also make you feel disappointed that you are alone. If you’re in an unsatisfying relationship, that can also become painfully apparent during the season. The season can also 

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Why Valentine’s Day is good for your health

MANILA, Philippines – There’s more to Valentine’s Day than dinner dates, roses, Valentine cards, traffic jams, and a possible hole in your pocket. Read on and you might just find yourself celebrating this day of hearts with more enthusiasm. (Read story…)

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10 work resolutions for your career in 2015

What will 2015 be for you? Is it going to be your year of ruthless execution? The year that you will move out to seek greener pastures? The year that you will finally get promoted? 1. Get to work earlier. Do you notice that many CEOs and leaders are the earliest to arrive in the 

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A Filipino atheist’s letter to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis, As someone who does not believe in the existence of a god, some people might assume that your visit to the Philippines would not matter very much to me. Maybe, to some, it would be just like me walking past a church on a Sunday, bearing momentary witness to the rituals and 

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Pope Francis invited to ‘gatherings of the poor’

“It is time that the poor speak for themselves.” By RONALYN V. OLEA MANILA – They have not been invited to any of the official itinerary of Pope Francis but they are hoping that the Pope would notice them and hear their appeals. Representatives of farmers, workers, urban poor, indigenous peoples and other sectors banded 

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Pope Francis urged to intercede to free Filipino political prisoners

“Our political prisoners are like the Cuban 5, slapped and imprisoned for trumped-up charges. We appeal for the Pope’s intervention.” By RONALYN V. OLEA MANILA – Inspired by the recent release of Cuban political prisoners, Filipino political prisoners appealed to Pope Francis to intercede for their release. On Dec. 17, 2014, three of the 

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POOLED EDITORIAL: Five years after the Ampatuan Massacre, Aquino must be held accountabl

Five years after the massacre of 58 men and women including 32 journalists in Ampatuan town in Maguindanao, justice remains elusive and impunity still reigns. The promise of President Benigno Aquino III to help speedily resolve the case that has put the Philippines in the limelight as one of the most dangerous places for journalists 

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Not to Forget

5 years after Ampatuan massacre: Public urged to light a candle for justice By RONALYN V. OLEA MANILA – Journalists, media watchdogs, rights advocates and members of the academe have lined up activities to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre. On Nov. 23, 2009, 58 individuals, including 32 journalists were brutally killed 

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By Atty. Romulo B. Macalintal

Passing bill with no quorum should be criminalized

The imperative need for a quorum to pass a bill in Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) was not placed in the Constitution for nothing nor to merely serve as a motherhood provision.  Quorum or the number of legislators required to approve a bill is legally required to insure that the same has been properly 

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Mabini: 150 Years Hence

Mabini: A Century After His Passing (Reprinted from Bulatlat, Vol 3, No 14, May 11-17, 2003) May 13, 2003 marks the 100th death anniversary of Apolinario Mabini, known to Filipinos as “The Sublime Paralytic” and “The Brains of the Revolution.” He was a brilliant thinker who used his pen in the service of the Filipino 

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