Dear Business Owner, Professional or Entrepreneur:

Warm greetings from The Philippine Reporter!

We are launching a campaign to reach out to business owners and professionals and give them enormous value in promoting and marketing their products and services.

We’re talking about giving FREE ADVERTISING SPACE in The Philippine Reporter Website when they advertise in our printed edition.

How does this work?

• If you place a full page ad for three consecutive issues in our printed edition, you will receive a banner link ad in our website FREE for three months. A $255 value!

• If you place a half page ad for three consecutive issues in our printed edition, you will receive a banner link ad in our website FREE for two months. A $170 value!

• If you place a quarter page ad for three consecutive issues in our printed edition, you will receive a banner link ad in our website FREE for one month. A $85 value!

How can this benefit your business?

The Philippine Reporter Website receives more than 101,000 hits every month. This means the website gets visited more than 101,000 times each month on the average. This means thousands and thousands of visitors regularly log on to our website and read the stories that we publish online.

They will get to see your banner ad beside our stories and if they click on your banner ad, they will see your website and become your potential customer or client. (Even if you don’t have website, they will see your contact info like telephone number and e-mail address. How? They will view and read about your products and services and depending on the marketing and promotional materials on your site, they may buy your products or avail of your services.

They will email you or call you and place their orders or inquire. If you have an automated ordering system, so much the better because they may order right then and there. You can get customers 24/7 even while your office is closed! That’s because our website doesn’t close.

This method of advertising is very popular now. Millions of businesses, big or small, are using banner link ads and they get numerous customers and clients thru this advertising. Check any popular website now and you’ll see banner link ads. Yahoo, Google, e-bay and the other giants on the Internet are raking in millions and billions thru online advertising. And there are more than 300 million surfers on the Internet any day of the week. The commerce on the Internet has reached billions of dollars and still growing strong. Why not join this tidal wave trend and expand your business by tapping a large potential customer base?

At the end of your FREE banner link ad period, if you wish to continue, just continue your advertising in our printed edition and you will enjoy the benefit of half-price of our online ad ($42.5/month), that’s advertising for two issues of the online edition of The Philippine Reporter.

If you choose to end your printed edition ad and continue your online banner link ad, your free privilege stops. Our rate for the banner link ad is $85 a month (2 issues of online advertising).

We have only one request – that you prepay your print edition ad. Just that and you’ll receive the tremendous value we’re offering.

Please call us for questions you may have. And if you want to take advantage of this great offer, book your ad, send us your ad materials, both the print version and the online version. We’ll help you with the artwork and presto, your website can be viewed by our tens of thousands of readers online who will be your potential customer base from now on.

But don’t delay your decision. Our website space is limited and it can run out pretty soon. And if you decide quickly, you may even get the prime spot at the top of the earlier pages. That way your ad will be the first to be seen every time our readers log on to our website.

Our telephone number is 416-461-8694.

Our email addresses are and

Check our website at

Thank you and more power to you and your business. We will get in touch with you soon.

The Philippine Reporter