Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Philippine Reporter (print edition) is a Toronto Filipino newspaper publishing since March 1989. It carries Philippine news and community news and feature stories about Filipinos in Canada and the U.S.


Published in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, two times a month on the 15th and end of the month. Publishing since 1989, it has become one of a few major and mainstay publications in the Filipino Canadian community.

Readership profile: Long-time Filipino residents in Canada, both first and second generation Filipino-Canadians; adult professionals, white-collar and blue-collar workers and overseas contract workers. The Philippine Reporter was described by the Philippine Ambassador to Canada in August 1995 as “the newspaper that has the strongest impact in the Filipino community.”

Editorial description: The Philippine Reporter contains the latest news from the Philippines and the Filipino community in Canada. Its news stories are the freshest that could be gathered mostly by electronic media. Its reporting is objective and avoids sensationalism. It exercises fairness by presenting all sides of a controversial issue. It is distributed free at all known Filipino stores, restaurants, community centres, social gatherings, churches frequented by Filipinos, medical and dental clinics operated by Filipino-Canadians, and sports and social events held by them. It is the only Filipino-Canadian newspaper in Canada that has paid subscribers.

The Philippine Reporter last August 2003 received the award Best Editorial and Design from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, the only national association of ethnic media organizations in Canada. The Reporter was one of the 12 awarded media publications and organizations out of about 400 that exist nationally. In the 2003 Ethnomedia Week publication, Canada’s Other Voices, Ethnic Press and Media Council described The Philippine Reporter as “an institution in the Filipino Canadian community…” “it has gained respect for its independence and courage to report on stories and issues other papers would rather ignore.”